Can the decluttering trend really spark joy ?

marie kondo konmari

Imagine a world where spring cleaning, frenzy of tidying, and passion for sorting became the most recommended way to take the first step to start a new life and feel shiny and new ?


This is Marie Kondo’s motto in everyday life : tidying up is the best therapy that might exist.


Japanese style.


And no one might be fool enough to stand out against the young business queen, high priest of neatness and serenity. This year, the whole world (re)discovered Marie through her TV Show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, another successful Netflix production.


Why is everybody so into cleaning up ? Can decluttering one’s house really make people happier ?



Joy is at the corner of the house


Here is the main character of the story : a young, sweet but fearsome japanese business woman that built her - tidy - empire on bright smiles, long pastel skirts, clean and sober blouses as well as an original concept : cleaning your house to feel comfortable in yourself.


The KonMari method is all about focusing on what is necessary in your house to keep a positive mind. And it is with great meticulousness that Marie Kondo spreads joy and sweetness in all the american households she visits in her show.


During forty five minutes, she shares and implements her decluttering techniques before the fascinated - though disconcerted - eyes of the families she pays a visit.


At the end of the show, everything seems life-changing, except that nothing has really changed. 


People looks happier, and they warmly express their positive feelings and thoughts about putting their house - and their life - in order.



The happiness therapy you’ve all been waiting for


The KonMari method is all about organizing the world to organize your life.


In her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo invites you to get rid of anything that could be an obstacle to your pursuit of happiness.


For that purpose, you just have to follow her little rituals to the letter : treating your socks with respect, caressing every piece of clothes in your wardrobe, saying hello to your beloved home every time you are back from outside, etc.


This is no rocket science, but only good will and good vibes, as it is taught in the book.


The enthusiastic adherents of the KonMari methods even say it has helped them to become better people, to be healthier, more ambitious. In other words, it was more effective than a shrink.


Can Kondo-ing become the number solution to the mess (or chaos…) of your life ?



A sustainable trend


Did conscious and mindful minimalism really exist before Marie Kondo ?


Good question.


Let’s be honest, minimalism was supposed to be part of the 2014, 2016 , 2017, and 2018 biggest trends, but nobody could pass on this sweet obsession like her.


Her kindness and benevolence made minimalism more accessible for the general public, far from the clichés.


Marie Kondo emphasizes the sentimental dimension of possession by suggesting to keep the things you really love as opposed to the typical message of minimalism which is all about keeping the fewer things as possible for the sake of it.




This might be the reason why Marie Kondo has been offered the possibility to host her own TV show : joy, sweetness, kindness, and a hint of kawaÏ, this is the perfect recipe to enjoy decluttering.

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