It just took a few years for social media - and especially Instagram - to disrupt the cosmetic market by giving their chance to new brands, new figureheads and new beauty trends. That is a fact : Instagram has become the number one beauty salon of millennials and gen Z.

Imagine a world where spring cleaning, frenzy of tidying, and passion for sorting became the most recommended way to take the first step to start a new life and feel shiny and new ?

In Europe, social responsibility actually encompasses a large scope of notions and concepts. It is fundamentally voluntary aiming at including ethical, social and environmental issues at the heart of a company’s decisions and actions in the long run.

If you still think of astrology as a questionable science which is only meant to please middle-aged ladies in boho dresses and headbands, then you might confuse it with the daily horoscope of your favorite newspaper. Nowadays, this growing interest for heavenly bodies can no longer be seen only as a playful hobby.

Gamification (and by extension, interactive marketing) refers to the use of game-playing elements (design, rules of play, etc) to non-gaming areas (e.g banking, insurance, healthcare…) It is an online marketing technique whose basic purpose is to encourage commitment with a product or service. In other words, it is the act of making tasks and boring or hard activities enjoyable.

Of all our senses, the sense of smell is the most closely tied to our feelings and memories. Nothing has, indeed, the power to make people relive their past - however bitter(sweet) it may be - like a scent or a fragrance. Perfumes are deeply intertwined with specific moments in our lives.

Climate change, financial crisis, biodiversity loss or stagnant economy, everything seems on the verge to crumbling and nobody can do anything about it. The end of the industrial civilization is near and different bunches of survivalists are rising here and there, all around the world.

It looks like brands are slow to catch on women real needs and expectations not only as consumers but also as individuals facing several deep issues on a daily basis. Then, why should brands redefine their guidelines when it comes to marketing to women ?

Keep yourself to yourself is now a trend. To decline an invitation to go out, turn off your notifications, stay away from social media and watch Netflix with TV dinner slumped on your couch ; here are the symptoms of JOMO. You might be infected.

People mistakenly think of Gen Z (or centennials) as a lazy, unstable and stubborn bunch of young reckless misfits allergic to authority. And yet, those young reckless people are also genuinely committed, ambitious and involved in worthy causes. They might be paradoxical but they never take action without thinking about the consequences.

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