From Yuka to INCI beauty, the success of consumption guides

Have you ever noticed, in a supermarket or a store, some customers holding their phones and scanning all the content labels of the products, one department after the other ? They’re probably using a consumption guide app.


Over the last few years, these consumers apps have flourished for numerous products, starting with food and cosmetics. But is it really helpful ? Follow the guide !


The benefits of consumption guide apps


Between mad cow disease, the Horsegate (or Spanghero affair) and the opaque compositions of some cosmetics, consumers nowadays face big concerns about transparency from the manufacturers.


They are more and more looking for answers that they’ll only get with these guides. It helps them know which products are risky for their health and the environment, but also, how to replace them.



The 4 most used guides


Today we count dozens of consumption guides, and some of them are free apps, easy to use. They allow you to know the composition of a product, either for food or cosmetics. We’ve listed 4 of them for you.




The French app has had excellent results since its launch in 2017. With Yuka, you can scan for free food and cosmetics to access the composition of the product and judge its impact on health. On the other hand, you must be a Premium member to access the search bar.


The scoring of the scanned products is in the form of a score from 0 to 100 : the higher the score, the more the product is considered "good". Yuka uses different databases to guarantee the neutrality and veracity of the information offered to its users.




INCI beauty

This application enables you to know the ingredients of cosmetics and their impact on health. By analyzing the composition of these products for free, you can make your choice when you hesitate between two products, for example. It is not necessary to scan the product, you can find it by searching for it in the search bar.


INCI comes from the "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients", established in 1999. On the application, you can also discuss a product with other users and compare your experience and opinion.




UFC-Que choisir

The Federal Union of Consumers (in French UFC) publishes the only French magazine of a consumer association. In its magazine and on its website, you will find in-depth looks, investigations and a lot of information about additives, packaging and pesticides.


On its website, the UFC-Que choisir also offers complete and freely accessible consumption aids, such as a supermarket prices comparator. It has even launched its own application for scanning cosmetic products.





Fully aware of the ecological stakes, BuyOrNot has found an innovative and unifying principle. The application proposes to decipher labels to measure the health and environmental impact of a product.


But you can also create "benevolent boycott" campaigns, to point the finger at brands that are not "ethical" and to keep abreast of health and environmental scandals.




At a time of dreaded transparency for manufacturers and distributors, buyers want to be able to make their purchases with full knowledge of the facts. However, be careful not to put blind trust in these consumer guides.


A cosmetic product that is poorly rated may be so only for its environmental impact when it can be reliable for your health. Remain attentive and do not hesitate to use several applications, but above all, take a step back !



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